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Houston Medical Center Apartments
Houston Medical Center Apartments
Houston Medical Center Apartments

What Its Known For

Fact: The Texas Medical Center in Houston is the largest medical complex in the world.
Easy access to MetroRail & Hermann Park.
Just a few minutes from downtown Houston!


Lots of housing options with great amenities available
Convenient commute with MetroRail running straight through
Desirable location of Houston


Housing though inexpensive can be dated
Brays Bayou can flood with enough rain
Traffic is scary during rodeo season

Tucked in between Hwy 59 and 288, this neighborhood mash-up has way more than artwork and hospitals. The Museum District is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing of the Houston neighborhoods, with parks that have little rolling hills, bike paths and everything else you would need when you picture a gorgeous Saturday afternoon outside. With 19 museums, galleries, cultural centers and community organizations you’re bound to fall in love with both the culture and the history of Houston. If you’ve always been the one to write off museum afternoons because it all sounds too stuffy, just know that there was recently an exhibit called The Edge of Fame featuring Lindsay Lohan and there is a Open Studio invitation to create your own celebrity collage with distorted & altered images of celebrities. Art isn’t always what you’d expect!

What you can expect in this neighborhood is a sushi restaurant that gives Uchi some serious competition. MF Sushi is located in a quiet corner of the Museum District, both its humble location and zen atmosphere set the stage for some of the best sushi you’ll ever have. When you’ve had your fair share of soy sauce, take your food coma over to Hermann Park for some rest & relaxation. You could spend a whole weekend just in Hermann Park! With the Houston Zoo, the Hermann Park Golf Course, and walkability to both NRG Stadium and Rice University, this 455 acre park could easily fill an Instagram feed of a weekend well-spent. Apartments in this neighborhood offer close proximity to the rodeo, concerts and Houston Texans Football at NRG Stadium. Pay $25 for parking? Nah, park at your place and walk/bike/Uber/strut on over!

Apartments in this area also have some of the finest amenities we’ve seen in Houston, like penthouse lounges, bars on site for residents-only, free valet for you and your guests to name a few! These apartments are taking things to the next level!

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Professionals flocking to Houston will love hustle and bustle of the area.

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