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Houston River Oaks Apartments
Houston River Oaks Apartments
Houston River Oaks Apartments

What Its Known For

River Oaks is known to be the boujee area with "old" money" & huge houses.
River Oaks Boulevard at Christmas Time is its own spectacle!
Extremely pet-friendly neighborhood.


Cozy neighborhood with low-key brunch and restaurant options
Tons of workout studios/ healthy food options
Close to Highland Village


Extremely pricey
Traffic can be bad at times
Not a lot of availability when it comes to apartment options

You thought all of the shopping in Houston was at the Galleria? Think again! River Oaks has more shopping than you will know what to do with. We’ll start with the absolute most fabulous, River Oaks District. With designer labels like Hermès, Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney and Harry Winston, some of the price tags are higher than the rent checks being written for the apartments in the area! But for people who don’t buy birkin bags, there’s tons of fun to be had! Highland Village is not only beautiful and super walkable, it’s like our own little Beverly Hills. Of course, there is an Apple Store so you won’t be too far when you eventually crack that screen you swear your phone case would protect (are we the only ones who have cracked their phone screen in the “look how indestructible my new case is” tests? Just us? Okay.) While you wait for the Genius Bar to put your life back together you can mosey on over to Anthropologie and West Elm to dream about apartment goals with $80 pillows until you realize Target has a look alike for $29 and you snap back to reality. When you get your phone back you can meet your friends at Brasserie 19 for drinks and dinner because this is the official “see and be seen” place of Houston. Living in River Oaks means being closer to all of those pilates classes you see on ClassPass that you keep meaning to try and on the flip side, you’re never too far from a steakhouse in this neighborhood.

The apartments in River Oaks offer proximity to bars and restaurants in plenty of different price points to fit the budget of any shopper. Ask your locator about the property that has FREE dog-walkers because it’s new to this neighborhood and we still can’t believe how luxurious this amenity is.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our friends say!

Three words... fancy as f*ck. The luxury shopping is on another level and there are so many boujee hotspots to grab a meal and a drink.

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