The Heights

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Houston Heights Apartments
Houston Heights Apartments
Houston Heights Apartments

What Its Known For

Full of individuality and character.
Well-known for its historic homes & gorgeous shaded boulevards.
Famous for the Art Car Museum aka "Garage Mahal".


Everything you need is close, so no need to go into downtown if you don't want to
Tons of mom-and-pop shops close by
Heights Hike & Bike trail


Pricing is higher
Neighboorhood spots tend to be packed everywhere you go
Older insfrastructure

The Heights is like that friend of yours who listens to old records, but they were the ones did it before Urban Outfitters made it cool. The Heights is rich with history and has the 100 year old homes to prove it! Heights Blvd is lined with Victorian style houses, each of them with a different story to tell. Nothing like the stories you’ll tell at brunch in this neighborhood though, am I right? Onion Creek is  one of the most talked about brunches in the Heights, but if you miss brunch don’t worry! They serve breakfast until 2am on weekends because they get it, everyone could go for a pancake like 80% of the time. We can’t talk about the Heights without mentioning 19th Street and all the hipster goodness that surrounds it! Lined with restaurants you’ll talk about for weeks on end such as Better Luck Tomorrow, Lei Low (super cool underground tiki bar), Cane Rosso, and Eight Row Flint. Manready Mercantile’s flagship brick and mortar shop speaks for the neighborhood with their custom-made pieces and collection of your favorite quality brands all in one place. Boomtown Coffee drives home the small-town feel by serving small-batch house-roasted brews, waking Houston up “one boom at a time”. Doesn’t reading about the Heights just make you feel cooler? This neighborhood is growing and evolving into a really unique blend of what makes Houston great. McIntyre’s and Heights Beir Garten are the two newest and most popular kids on the block! If you’ve seen an Instagram of someone day drinking on a swing in the middle of a bar patio, you’ve seen McIntyre’s. The apartments in the Heights follow the tune of the laid back atmosphere of the neighborhood with a funky twist. Heights is also where you can find some of the best views of Downtown so be on the lookout for one of the best rooftops in Houston in this neighborhood!

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Such a chill spot. Plus, character for days!

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